About Me

As a wife and mother I wear many hats and as my children grow and, Lord willing, my family expands I will add more chapeaus to my collection. But in dedicating myself to my family, which I am immensely thankful to have, I sometimes feel like I am in danger of dissolving under the weight of my collection. So one of the things I have added back into my life is some time to write. My husband has encouraged me to do this in the form of a blog, hoping that any of those who stumble across these imperfect words can be inspired, can laugh or feel a sense of community.

I am married to an incredible man, Mike. He is a Pastor and we serve at a large church in the Vancouver area not far from where we grew up. We have been blessed with four children. A 2010 born little boy named Kaiden (or Kai) and a 2012 born sweet girl named Ayla-Rae. We were surprised with a set of 2013 twin boys Jameson & Micah. Some say my hands are full but I know they are overflowing with blessings from a loving creator and king.

I hope that this aptly answers your questions “about me.” The truth really is that I am working on who that is every day, learning more about who I am and who God has created me to be. Thanks for joining me on the journey.

Photo by Perfect Moments Photography


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