House Rules

I have a two year old. I don’t know why he is referred to as a ‘toddler’ because he has been steady on his feet since he was 10 months old. But nonetheless, a toddler spends his days making me laugh, occasionally making me cry and pretty much testing the limits of his world while testing every last nerve of mine.

Mike (my fantastic husband) and I are pretty much on the same page when it comes to general house rules. For example, jumping is only allowed on the ground, manners are a must and crying is completely acceptable while whining is not. We try to avoid yelling unless it’s in a situation that could cause harm. All in all, timeouts are a way of life.

As any parent knows, the two’s can be tough. So I decided it was time to figure out our house rules. It isn’t so much to point my kids to; after all they can’t yet read. But something for me to focus on as I imperfectly model the qualities I want them to have.

I don’t want house rules that say “No hitting. No spitting. No kicking.” These are an extension of the bigger picture and, to be honest, I hope that this goes without saying in our home. (I recognize that there may come a time in our lives where that is necessary for our kids but we are not there yet). I want to instill core values which are so much more important to me than a ‘no shoes no shirt’ policy. But regardless of what I have written on a wall or on a poster board I have decorated with my kids, I am their example. They look to my husband and I to see what is and what is not acceptable. I am with them 24/7 and they will mirror all my good and my more prevalent bad. They watch how I treat their father, how he treats me and how he leads our family.

I have decided to post 3 simple rules from Micah 6:8 on a dry erase board on our wall. (I have a bigger and better crafting project in mind for this but I currently don’t have the time or funds to see it to fruition). Here is how it sits today:


As my kids grow and can understand more we can expand on these and add others that I want to be edified in our home like:

Love Jesus

Encourage one another and share in others joy

Have fun and laugh

Be bold with others and broken with Christ

Remember that you are beautifully and wonderfully made.

Be a giver and share everything

Always forgive

Be respectful

Be compassionate

What are your house rules?


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